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A Flexible Learning Solution
It has been 2 years into the pandemic and students and teachers have not been immune to its effects. Remote learning, a once novel idea, is now more prevalent than ever. While many students are going back to the classrooms, there are a large number who are opting for remote instruction. Current systems that are in place are not equipped for the specific demands that online education requires in order to be successful for these students. This conceptual education platform provides a solution to this modern problem. With this program,  private educators or institutions can readily administer high quality instruction and can easily adapt to the changing needs and requirements of each individual student whether online or in-person.
Security Is A Priority
A secure login is crucial when dealing with sensitive or personal information, and especially if you are working with minors. Both the Instructor and Student portals follow the same login format. The username is comprised of the individuals first and last name, all lowercase and separated by a period, with their birthdate in the form of mmdd immediately following. The password is comprised of their initials in capital letters followed by their center or district number and the last four digits of their social security number.
Adaptable Display
The display can be adapted alongside changing environments and needs using the priority adjusters. Let's say your student is in person and you don't need to use the video feature. All you need to do is grab the three lines underneath that window and slide up to minimize the video window and prioritize the others . There are a total of 5 priority adjusters between each of the windows. Each instructor can manipulate these at any time during any session to increase the adaptability of the program.
The Five Windows
Each of the five windows on the screen are dedicated to a specific task or function. On the board, there is a window for video chat, a window for notes, one for the latest lesson plan, one for record keeping and important student documents, and one for the instruction materials and teaching tools.  Everything you need is at the click of a button and is easily accessible within one display. The subtle gradient background provides a subconscious visual cue to circulate attention while also differentiating each window. 
Instructor Portal
The instructor portal is designed to make all materials and objectives readily accessible and easy to navigate for the instructor, and easy to build and translate from the directors portal. All elements of a session are immediately present to ensure all instructors maintain by-design program standards and processes while also being able to engage with the student fully the entire time and adapt to changing circumstances. All portals are intended for desktop or laptop screens.
Student Portal
The student portal is designed to be clear, functional, and engaging to students as young as 5, yet sophisticated enough so as to not feel degrading towards older students in their mid to late teens. This is accomplished with a clutter-free work space that uses brightly colored elements on a calm gradient background. Elements that may be deemed “childish” by older students are removable by the clinician. Student access to manipulate the board is limited, but access may be granted by the instructor when seen fit. The center of the screen is occupied with whatever needs the most attention at the time. In the top right corner, there are tabs indicating what task a student is on and what tasks have been completed during each session. In the bottom right corner, a reward box deposits gems to give the student a subtle cue that conditions them towards desired behaviors. In the bottom left corner there is a raise hand button to alert the instructor to a student's needs.
Screen Sharing
Screen Sharing
Not Screen Sharing
Not Screen Sharing
Side by Side
In order to be complete, this education platform requires additional portals to be designed in the future. These include a portal for instruction support, an office manager portal, and a director or principle portal. Like with any school, many people are required to efficiently and effectively run a successful program. Each of these branches would need separate portals as each position would have different responsibilities and requirements. While each portal would be distinct, they would all come together to form a cohesive network. For example, the student portal and instructor portal, while drastically different, interact with each other in real time for the best possible results.    

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