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Sugar used for baking currently comes packaged in two ways: paper or plastic bags. Some of the available options allow you to reseal these bags, however most do not reseal and all present the same challenge of accessing the sugar inside without making a mess. This packaging method is also not ideal for long-term storage of sugars. You could purchase an airtight and rustproof container to store your ingredients, but why not just package it that way in the first place? Scoops, a hypothetical company, presents a new solution to an old problem with its innovative package design that not only solves the mess and hassle of traditional sugar packaging, but also offers a way to level your measure integrated within the design.
Logo and Branding
Just as your pastries and deserts are made with love, so are scoops products and packaging. The heart leaping from the scoop represents the care you put into your baking as well as the care put into where our ingredients are sourced and the user-friendly and eco-friendly design of our products. 
The rounded characters of the typeface and logo reflect the package design's round shape that allows users to access every bit of sugar in the container easily. Rounded corners and a bright color pallet reflect our desire to create better baking products that are both practical and encouraging to those who enjoy baking regularly and those who wish to learn. ​​​​​​​
Package Design
What gives scoops an advantage above current brands is its user friendly and eco friendly package design. While most sugars and flours on the market today come in difficult to use and store plastic and paper packaging, scoops is the first to introduce a resealable, airtight, rust-proof, and reusable glass container. Exclusive to scoops products, each container has its own, built-in yet detachable lip that extends just far enough so that you can easily scoop with a 1 cup measure and level it off with one motion. Additionally, the rounded base of the container allows for easy access to all of the sugar inside. This solution keeps the sugar soft and fresh, is mess free, stores easily, and allows the consumer to reuse the packaging or easily recycle it. All components of scoops packaging use recyclable materials and plant based inks.

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