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Policompass is a mobile database concept app that provides an avenue for easy access to raw documents, records, profiles, timelines, and more without the noise of editorial commentary or partial information. Easily access federal and state laws, politician profiles that include fully transcribed speeches and voting history, and see where you fall on the political compass and compare your placement to others.  
Logo and Branding
In the spirit of objectivity, Policompass uses a purple dominant color pallet to symbolize the unbiased nature of raw information. Neither red nor blue, but a mix of the two. Hard facts don't lean left or right, they simply exist in truth. Accessing raw truth in an effort to offer a neutral perspective of reality is the primary goal of the app. Poppins and Helvetica Neue, both sans serif typefaces, were chosen for their readability and scalability, a design decision that reflects the brand value of accessibility. 

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Examples of Dashboard Topic Pages

The Policompass Test: Before, During, and Results Pages

Collection of App Screens

Dashboard, Saved Files, and Discover Tab

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